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For this sunglasses product We are very determined to do it. It took more than 8 months.
Oval+cat eyes frame design makes it not boring. Fits every face shape with 4 frame colors and 4 lens colors.
Focusing on earth tones that are unique to MAILLOT CO.
In addition to taking it on a trip. Can also be worn in everyday life.
Mix&match with many styles of outfits.
we lovw detail 🙂

In 1 set you will receive a sunglasses case (made from PU leather) + a special MAILLOT CO. patterned glasses cleaning cloth + the sunglasses of your choice.
  • Description
    We have sunglasses for sale 🙂
    Eye care lenses And the glasses frames are made from eco friendly materials. Suitable for your every day

    MAILLOT CO sunglassesare Hand Made glasses produced by skilled technicians in every step.
    The material used to produce eyeglass frames is made from Acetate which is a natural ingredient. Therefore does not cause irritation.
    Metal eyeglass frames are made from good quality Stainless Steel with a texture that is friendly to the skin.
    The lenses can block 100% of UV rays (UVA, UVB and UVC) up to 400 nanometers.
    – Made from cellulose acetate plastic, a plastic mixed with wood pulp and cotton, so it does not cause irritation. (hypoallergenic)
    – Tough texture, highly flexible. Resistant to scratches and impacts well.
    – Can create more patterns and colors than general plastic. And the color doesn’t peel off because the color can be mixed right into the plastic.
    – The production process of Acetate is quite complicated, but with its quality and various properties, Acetate is the material that high street to high end eyeglasses brands choose to use.
    We choose to use Stainless Steel because it is lightweight, strong and resistant to corrosion from abrasion. and heat resistant
    The material has a skin-friendly texture. (Skin-Friendly)
    The CR-39 was developed by PPG Industries during World War II for use in weapons of war such as the B–17 bomber. “CR” is short for Columbia Resin, and the number 39 refers to the type of Columbia Resin used. Using CR-39 is considered a turning point in the production of eyeglasses with glass. Comes as a high quality clear plastic sheet.
    This type of lens is considered standard. In use for the production of sunglasses and eyeglasses, widely used in many famous brands of sunglasses.
    Has scratch-resistant properties and is lightweight, half the size of a glass lens.
    Can create a variety of colorful styles It may be coated on the surface or added color to the plastic, such as mirror coating. or make light and dark gradient colors, etc.
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    California sunset, Driftwood Beach, Reynisfjara black, White grace bay


    Brown, Beige

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